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All Things Bright and Beautiful

All things bright and beautiful!

We thought you may have noticed that A Touch Of Beauty has had a little makeover of late…?

A little nip and tuck is a lovely thing and we like to keep our salon looking as fresh as the gorgeous faces that visit us. New floors and mirrors, fresh paint and your products displayed in a new and easier to navigate way are the major changes you’ll notice but more importantly, we have added a range of amazing new brands to our collection and we’re so excited to tell you a little about them and have you try them at home and in our newly designed treatments.

We have two new brands that sit at the forefront of cutting-edge scientific treatment for skin.
Hydropeptide is skincare that uses the principles of ‘epigenetics’ to focus on highly individualised treatments for the exact concerns of your skin. Developed by a genetic scientist, this is skincare tailored to your genes that aims to influence how they express themselves by essentially turning on the ones to signal cells to function in a healthy way and turning off the ones that don’t.

As you may be able to tell by the name, the products make extensive use of peptides, one of the most effective tools in epigenetic skincare. Peptides, combined with a host of other ingredients, make Hydropeptide skincare that yields unbelievable results but besides that, is a beautiful sensory and luxury experience.

Jo has created a range of Hydropeptide signature facial treatments for A Touch Of Beauty that target skin structure and hydration but also go much deeper to address specific concerns such as sensitivity, acne and hyperpigmentation.

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This soothing recovery skin treatment balm nourishes your skin while holding off environmental stressors that cause dryness and ageing. Keep moisture in and irritants out with this protecting and hydrating treatment balm.

Aspect is a homegrown brand that has gained a cult following. Touted by skin professionals everywhere, this is high performance skincare that works with pure, active ingredients to create an experience that’s as beautiful as it is transformative. Aspect is aimed at restoring and cosmetically correcting the skin. A Touch Of Beauty’s Aspect Medi Facial is the perfect way to introduce your skin to active ingredients and to entry-level peeling, with only the use of ingredients that are good for your skin, rather than aggressive or harmful as can sometimes be the case in peeling treatments.

Aspect is known for taking care of skin as a whole but having the perfect additional prescriptions for skin issues such as hyperpigmentation (as familiar as we are with this in the Australian sun), rosacea, acne, anti-ageing and refinement.

Hero product to try - click here!
With an incredibly addictive scent and texture when applying, this exfoliating gel-mask invigorates skin. Harnessing the power of fruit enzymes to help remove lifeless skin cells, it gives a smoother, radiant-looking appearance. An instant quick-fix glow giver that also works on long-term results.

In our quest to provide many levels of treatment at A Touch Of Beauty, we have also introduced a brand Jo describes as “a physical, mental and emotional experience”. Subtle Energies was founded in 1993 in Sydney, based on Ayurvedic principles as part of a clinic for natural therapies. Its skincare is made to not only deliver great results but also to look after an individual’s wellbeing, holistically.

You can choose between four customised Subtle Energies facials at A Touch Of Beauty, with each promising to be something to remember. Could it be time to treat yourself or a loved one to something new?

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A truly powerful facial that looks at your wellbeing on a macro level and replenishes your skin on a micro level. Wild turmeric offers intense purification while exotic kashmir lavender soothes and restores and revitalises tired, congested and stressed skin. Toxins are drawn out through a double cleanse, saffron and frankincense exfoliation, and a purification mud mask.

We’ve also added a curated selection of new products to the ranges you’ve loved for a long time, Dermalogica and Sodashi. We look very forward to treating you to everything new and wonderful at A Touch Of Beauty.

PS: Happy Christmas, from us to you!

Treat yourself this holiday season to the gift of great skin. Buy 3 facial treatments and we’ll give you a fourth FREE as our gift to you.

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