C For Yourself

Winter is the best time to start sprucing up that skin while the sun’s rays are hidden away.

We know, we know. It’s cold, wet and miserable outside. All that’s left to do is settle inside with the red wine of your choice and a good film or ten. But while you’re achieving that to-do list, consider this… winter is the optimum time to turn the dial up on fixing all of those niggling skin issues that develop over the summer, through sun and weather damage.

If you’re going to hibernate, why not take this time to devote to your skin. In particular, issues like pigmentation, texture and firmness - the trifecta of the appearance of ageing.

And where to start with this? May we suggest a good, in fact - very good - Vitamin C serum?

Vitamin C is nature’s ultimate gift to skin, the citric acid working a treat on pigmentation. A good one will brighten your skin no end, and this all translates to a fantastic base for makeup, or even a lessening of the makeup you need to wear anyway, due to your skin looking so radiant on its own.
Vitamin C can literally reverse sun damage (not completely might we add, hence our insistence on a heavy duty sun block at all times), making it one of the ultimate skin foods available, still.

In a timely manner, the skin health gurus at Dermalogica have released a C serum surpassing others on the market, combined as it is with lactic acid and further antioxidants to compound the effects of Vitamin C.

The new Biolumin-C uses advanced biotechnology to stabilise Vitamin C with Palmitoyl Tripeptide-5, ensuring the C is performing at its optimum and is delivering three times more into the skin than its competitors.

Add to that, the lactic acid pulling its weight to turnover cells each night, you’re already looking like a glow queen upon waking.

Then add Sophia Japonica flower extract, which calms skin and chia seed oil, for hydration and prevention of free radical damage and what you have is a perfect all-rounder skin protectant and something that is going to work its magic on your skin over time.

The result? Brighter, firmer skin, with much better refinement of texture (which will also see those fine lines and wrinkles fade out in appearance!).

As usual, with all of the products A Touch Of Beauty carefully curates for our clients, this one is not only cruelty and paragon free, but its also free of artificial fragrances and colours and gluten and safe for vegans. Earth and health first, as we say.

Dermalogica’s BioLumin-C Serum is now available at A Touch Of Beauty.
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