Celebrating PETA

Recently People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) celebrated its 35th anniversary, my husband Richard and I had the honour of being invited to their celebration with other likeminded people who have a passion for animals.

The event, hosted by Pamela Anderson, Anjelica Houston and Sharon Osbourne, featured a gourmet dinner (which was completely vegan), a silent auction and a star-studded awards ceremony.

Richard and I have been supporters for PETA for many years and are advocates for the wellbeing of all animals great and small.

PETA has grown from two people to the most powerful force for animal rights in the world, all to the dedication of its members and supporters.

Joanna with PETA Founder Ingrid Newkirk

At A Touch of Beauty I make sure to stock ethically sourced and cruelty free products that match my ethos.

We recently began stocking makeup brand Jane Iredale which is 100 percent free of animal testing from all stages of product development. The company’s ingredient suppliers have made the same pledge and the result is a guaranteed product free from animal cruelty.

We also stock local brand Sodashi which is chemical free, organic and ethically sourced.

I love beauty with a conscience.

Jane Iredale and Sodashi products