FALL for skin repair

With the ravage of the summer’s harsh sun and accompanying conditions sliding away, we recommend a ‘change of season’ look at your skin, to see how it fared and how we can repair any damage done.

While the first course of action for any of our clients is a full assessment to create a personalised repair plan, there is an action plan that anyone can take to restore that glow and also work on the plumping, lifting and brightening effects we all love.

Start with the best of intentions and come in to see us for a microdermabrasion and oxygen combined facial treatment to really kick start proceedings. A good microdermabrasion session goes deep into ridding the skin of all the damaged and dead cells sitting on the upper epidermis, the ones preventing the good stuff from getting in, and making us appear, well…a little dull. It will also clear out the pores, making them appear smaller and removing any oxidised matter (in other words: pesky blackheads!), as well as preventing any future breakouts from build-up.

The oxygen facial can then get to work on a clean canvas to restore the resilience of your skin by delivering liquid minerals and oxygen through the dermal layers. Cue, ‘the glow’ that was MIA as beach days took their toll.

Just as importantly, it’s a good time to look at adding some intensive reparative at-home treatments to your arsenal.

Maybe you could add a little more moisture to your skin? Your A Touch Of Beauty therapist is able to advise on this, of course, but one of our favourites for deep repair is Dermalogica’s Super Rich Repair. A gorgeous heavyweight cream stacked with skin-saving peptides, we like clients to take advantage of its generous texture and spend two minutes massaging, with sweeping upward strokes on each part of the face. The cream’s properties combined with the increased blood circulation a massage gives has an incredible effect on the skin.

Another repair favourite is the Sound Sleep Cocoon. Applied before bed to let that rest boost its power, this one works with dedication on radiance, hydration and brightening skin tone. It can also be layered over your current moisturiser to boost what you already do.

Speaking of overnight miracles, if you are yet to harness the incredible age-reversing effects of retinol, it may be time to ask our therapists about its amazing benefits. Retinol is revered by dermatologists and beauty therapists for its ability to turn back the signs of ageing and damage like no other.

We always recommend an individual assessment and a slow entry into using this product for the first time but we guarantee you’ll see fantastic results. This retinol (packing a punch with added copper peptide and Vitamin C) is mixed with the buffer cream to begin with, to allow your skin time to acclimate. We are addicted to this product, for good reason.

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