FIRST LOOK // Dermalogica Sound Sleep Cocoon

It’s no secret that only brands we back 110 percent are stocked at A Touch Of Beauty. Nothing touches your skin on our recommendation that doesn’t already touch (and do wonders) for ours.
But still we make sure to rigorously test any new product that our brands release.

And so it is with Dermalogica’s new Sound Sleep Cocoon, a treatment that aims to transform skin overnight, when your skin is in optimum recovery mode. You may have guessed by now that we think this product is an A+ given we’re telling you about it on our blog, but you don’t just have to take our word for it.

We decided to let one of our A Touch Of Beauty clients and also beauty editor at The Advertiser’s SAWeekend, Kate Bowden, tell you about her Sound Sleep Cocoon experience.

KB: Dermalogica new product launches don’t happen as often as many brands, which I perceive as a great thing. It means that when they do launch, it’s going to be something significant and my beauty-product loving radar goes into overdrive.

But this one was really interesting. For one thing, the product is offered hand in hand with a Sound Sleep app the brand has created, to help maximise your sleeping experience, something a LOT of us have trouble with, typically being stressed and time poor, especially as we get older.

But the other thing is that night products are of particular interest for me. Anything that can help the restorative process your body naturally undertakes, using nature and reinforcing it, is a huge win, in my book.

So I jumped at the chance to test Sound Sleep Cocoon, also because it’s gluten-free, paraben-free, cruelty-free, vegan, with no artificial colours or fragrances. But what it does have in it, is a potent combination of natural but very active ingredients. Tamarind Seed extract for hydration, Persian Silk Trees Extract to relieve signs of skin fatigue and restore vitality and Wu-Zhu-Yu extract to amp up the radiance of your skin. Then there’s the inclusion of French lavender, patchouli and sandalwood that not only smell heavenly as you apply this magic potion but get to work promoting the deep and restful sleep you need to kick your skin into full restorative mode.

I’m not ashamed to say, I went to bed early, just so I could bring forward the time I got to try this new one out. I carried out my normal cleanse, tone and serum application and then it was time. Sound Sleep Cocoon is a gel-cream, meaning it feels light and easy to apply and it feels smooth…really smooth. In fact, it feels so good going on you want to keep applying more. But no need
for that, so a girl has to restrain herself. It melts into the skin and you’re done.

You can also layer it over your favourite Dermalogica moisturiser to really intensify the hydration but I stuck with just ‘the Cocoon’ for the first night.

I headed to bed, perused the Sound Sleep app and before you know it… morning time.

Of course, I headed straight to my mirror. Gave myself a quick cleanse and then back to my reflection to make a really good assessment of the results. For one, I thought, as I did the open-mouth once over you seem to do when trying to get a really close-up look at your facial skin, I had slept really well. Typically, I fall asleep easily but wake a couple fo times between 2 and 5am. But that night, I realised with surprise, I didn’t recall being awake at all.

Secondly, my skin was looking refreshed. The texture was looking very, well, fresh. Like I’d had a really good peel or dermabrasion, when you know those stagnant old top layers are gone. And another thing, it felt wonderful under my fingers: very hydrated and the laugh lines (yes, I always scrunch my face right up under examination to see what the skin does upon release - a good sign of whether your skin is adequately hydrated or not) were barely registering.

In fact, I decided the result was good enough that I could skip my foundation that day, instead just covering a few pigmentation spots with a targeted concealer and off I went. The glow was good. And the sleep I had was satisfying. You could safely say I’m sold on Sound Sleep Cocoon - way better for you than a glass of warm milk!

Sound Sleep Cocoon is now available at A Touch Of Beauty.