Hot Stone massage experience

“Take a moment to focus on your breathing and allow your breath to relax the body and calm the mind. Feel a warmth flow from the top of your head to the tips of your toes allowing the body to fall however it needs to, letting go of any stress and tension.”

The experience of a Hot Stone Massage begins at the doors of A Touch of Beauty. Walking into the warm foyer a calm greeting waits and a therapist leads the way into a soothing treatment room. Calming scents fill the room as the Hot Stone experience begins…

A Hot Stone Massage uses the direct heat and pressure of warm volcanic balsalt stones to work deep into muscle layers. The stones are firstly, after being temperature checked by the therapist, placed on key points around the body to improve blood circulation and open up energy centres. The therapist alternates between using the stones to massage the body and using their hands to massage after the heat of the stone has been applied.

The Hot Stone Massage is one of the most effective treatments in muscle relaxation, with the heat in the stones enabling the muscles to loosen. Most moderately active people have consistently sore muscle spots, the stones help in healing muscular injuries and relieving pain. A full body massage with hot stones can significantly reduce muscle spasms and give relief to those that suffer from back pain. Studies have shown a Hot Stone Massage is a great way to reduce stress and take some time out for your mind and body.

The perfect winter treatment

A Hot Stone Massage promotes a better night’s sleep. By relaxing the deep layers of muscle tissue the massage makes it easier to doze off into a deep sleep and recuperate. After the massage clients are encouraged to drink plenty of water as the treatment releases toxins from the body after the blocked muscles are flushed out.

A Touch of Beauty encourages relaxation- a healthy habit which is sometimes forgotten. A Hot Stone Massage is suitable for any time of the day but preferably taken at a time where there is opportunity to unwind after. Bookings for a Hot Stone Massage are essential and as with all treatments please come in 10 minutes early and wear comfortable clothes.

A Touch of Beauty will take care of the rest…

Hot Stone Massage at A Touch of Beauty