New Year’s Skin Resolutions

It’s that time of year, when people are swearing off chocolate and making other such promises we are unlikely to keep. The good news is that keeping your skin resolutions can be a lot easier. And while we’re not unrealistic in that we believe the below suggestions will be 100 percent observed, we thought it high time to send a little reminder message with these top tips for skin health. After all, this skin you’re in has to last you a lifetime!

Tip Number One:

Wear broad spectrum… every day.

At this stage of the game, we feel it should probably go without saying but there are still some people we come across that skip this essential step of living in Australia, due to concerns about sunscreen feeling too heavy or greasy or even chalky. But we’re here to remind you that not only are there many, many new formulation options on the market that wipe out those concerns but that wearing broad spectrum daily is, without rival, the number one thing you can do to keep your skin intact. Don’t delay. And throughout high summer, we recommend a reapplication throughout the day, even if you’re not in direct sunlight.

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Tip Number Two:

Your face stops at your bust…

Not at your chin, like the majority think when cleansing and applying product. Your neck and your décolleté are two areas that will display signs of ageing before anywhere else and they are also two of the most difficult to try to reverse the signs of ageing. So remember, everything you put on, goes all the way down. One day in the not too distant future, you’ll be so thankful you went the extra…let’s say…25cm south.

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Tip Number Three:

Makeup is unwelcome overnight

It’s an oldie but a goodie. Some of us are diligent that nothing stays on the skin when we hit the sheets but others are, well, a little less diligent. But there’s no faster route to clogged skin, not to mention impeding the repair process of the skin (which is turbo-charged overnight) than leaving the day’s war paint on.

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Tip Number Four:

Exfoliate (at least) weekly

It’s easy to forget but the difference this one small step can make is immense on your long-term skin health. Just like New Year’s itself, this is about clearing out the old to make way for the new. There’s no point wasting your valuable serums and moisturisers on a layer of dead skin cells that stop it from making its way to where it’s needed most, is there? A product full of AHAs will see a whole new you – literally.

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Tip Number Five:

Schedule regular salon treatments

Ok, so we know we may sound a little biased with this one but again, the difference a regular, targeted facial by experts can make will have you wondering why you didn’t commit sooner. An expert can assess the changes in your skin immediately and target them through a regime of treatments not available for use at home. It’s an investment in keeping your skin in top shape.

Tip Number Six:

Say goodbye to stressors

Following on from the above (because we do deliver a deliciously relaxing experience, if you’ll forgive us for saying so), make 2019 the year you aim to remove as many stressful things or at least reduce them, for your complete wellbeing, which will in turn affect your skin. For starters, think about creating achievable rituals that will set you in good stead to cope with stress: regular baths in calming oils, an hour hidden away with a good book, regular escapes into the hills for a little time away. You deserve it.