Oxygen Therapy Facial Treatment

Having an Oxygen Therapy Facial Treatment immediately renews the quality of your skin and delivers a hit of liquid vitamins and minerals to increase skin vitality and youthfulness.

This pioneering treatment, which is loved by celebrities such as Jessica Biel before red carpet events, that uses the latest technology uses oxygen to pump skin rejuvenating vitamins deep into the tissue.

Before the treatment begins our highly skilled therapist will initially steam and exfoliate your skin to ensure that it is free of dirt and excess oils. This deep cleaning process ensures that no harmful environmental elements will make their way into your pores.

The therapist will then use a machine that introduces oxygen directly into the skin’s pores. The oxygen is treated with a number of supplements that have real benefits for the quality of your skin.

The serums combine different blends of hyaluronic acid (for moisturising and age reversal), botanical extracts, antioxidants, peptides and vitamins. This wide range of vitamins is used to help skin retain its firmness and smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

The process encourages the growth of new cells and collagen increasing skin vitality and youthfulness. Oxygen therapy has also been proven to be successful in the treatment of acne scars and blemishes as the infusion of cells helps the skin to heal.

The procedure is completely painless and unlike a harsh chemical peel oxygen encourages the skin to heal itself naturally. There are absolutely no side effects to Oxygen Therapy Facial Treatment and no down time.

Oxygen Therapy is also an option for people with sensitive skin and who might have difficulty with a more topical treatment but still want great results.