Preparing for your wedding day

Every girl wants to look her best on their wedding day. Here are our best tips to make sure you feel and look your best on the big day.

  • Consult a skincare professional at least three months before the big day to discuss skincare goals and a treatment plan. We recommend a combination of a micro facial to exfoliate and smooth the skin and Intense Pulsed Light skin rejuvenation facial to hydrate the skin.
  • Establish a skincare routine, we recommend Sodashi or Dermalogica which in our experience are the best quality products to keep your skin in perfect condition for your special day. Great skin is the foundation to gorgeous makeup on the special day.
  • A hair and makeup trial ensures that the any of products used on the day of the wedding won’t cause irritations or allergic reactions. The last thing a bride needs to worry about on her wedding day is redness or hives.

Get ready for a stress free wedding day!

  • Lay off the tweezers. Bushy brows are much more workable than no brows. Do not risk over-plucking. Grow out your brows and let our professional beauty therapist shape them for you. We will make sure they don’t end up too thin and give you a shape that complements your face shape. Brows frame the face so it is important to leave this up to our professional therapists!
  • Wax with caution to avoid any reactions or burns. We recommend not trying waxing for the first time near your wedding day. A course of IPL hair removal six months prior to your wedding will give you the best result and give you finer and fewer hairs.
  • Be careful changing birth control. Always consult with your doctor prior to making any changes as hormonal fluctuations can cause major breakouts for some individuals.
  • Hydration is very important. Dehydration will cause makeup to separate from the skin and lips to dry out.

If you feel good you'll look good!

  • Emotional health, wellbeing, diet and rest is what brides are most lacking leading up to the big event. We recommend yoga or meditation on a regular basis. If you feel good you will look good. Beauty from within is very important!
  • A Body Massage treatment would be ideal to help reduce tension and relieve any stress in the lead up to the wedding. A regular massage will help restore your equilibrium and invigorate your sense of well-being.
  • We recommend that the bride use a replenishing and hydrating facial mask the night before the wedding. Sodashi Plant Essence Replenish Mask ($105.60) instantly restores tired, dry and dehydrated skin.
  • A professional Shellac manicure and a pedicure with a paraffin treatment the day before your wedding day will have your hands and feet feeling renewed and rejuvenated. This is a non-chip polish that doesn’t damage the nails and provides long lasting colour.
  • Last of all- an instant tan the day before your wedding to give the bride a natural colour. But don’t do this at home! A professional will give you the best result.

Use an instant tan for natural colour