The Importance of Being Still

At a (very brief) glance, A Touch Of Beauty’s treatment list may appear to be all about providing solutions for our clients’ exteriors, but there is a whole other side to taking an hour or so with our therapists that we may not touch upon so often, but is wholly important to our ethos.
And that is, giving our beloved clients the opportunity to be still.

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C For Yourself

Winter is the best time to start sprucing up that skin while the sun’s rays are hidden away.

We know, we know. It’s cold, wet and miserable outside. All that’s left to do is settle inside with the red wine of your choice and a good film or ten. But while you’re achieving that to-do list, consider this… winter is the optimum time to turn the dial up on fixing all of those niggling skin issues that develop over the summer, through sun and weather damage.

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