Beauty tips for 20s, 30s, 40s & 50s +

At any age

What you put into your body has a major impact on the outward appearance of your skin.  We are firm believers in that wellness and beauty starts from within. Avoid saturated fats, using excessive refined sugar, eating too much processed foods & soft drinks. As well as leading to health problems, over consumption of fats can cause problems with your skin – avoid these and add healthy fats, and you will likely begin seeing noticeable changes in how your skin looks and feels. When you rest well, drink water & eat a healthy diet, your skin will glow and you will appear more youthful.

Sunblock . All day every day preventing sun damage now is the best way to ensure healthy skin in the future.

Hydration is key to healthy plump looking skin. Make sure that you keep up your water throughout the day and especially after alcohol. If you are drinking lots of caffeine make sure you are staying hydrated. Caffeine dehydrates us internally and dehydration leads to lines and wrinkles. Try substituting your afternoon coffee for a green tea.

Skin care in your 20s

  • Protect your skin from the sun. Dermalogica has a range of sun protection for face and body that will keep your skin safe from damaging UV rays. Try the Protection 50 Sport SPF. This sunblock is water resistant for up to 40 minutes and defends against prolonged skin damage from UV light and environmental damage. The light weight formula helps bind moisture to skin without a greasy feel.  It has been formulated with no artificial fragrances, colours or parabens.
  • You can still be sun smart and look beautifully tanned with Aviva labs spray tan. At A Touch of Beauty we specialise in full body professional spray tans ($40.00). Your therapist will help you decide if a 2hr express tan or the traditional 8hr developing tan will be best for you.
  • Cleanse your face every night and every morning – Dermalogica’s Special Cleansing Gel or Ultra Calming Cleanser is perfect to remove make up and leave your skin clean and fresh.
  • Don’t pick your pimple – use the Emergency Spot Fix ($24.50) from Dermalogica’s clear start range instead. This is a miracle in a tube!
  • Good quality makeup brushes are essential to a flawless face. Make sure that you wash them often.  Jane Iredale has the best in the business and we know this business!
  • Start professional treatments now. Try to have one face treatment once a month. It’s like a personal trainer for your skin. The Sodashi calm facial 60 min ($120) or the Dermalogica Face Treatment 60 min ($120) is perfect for younger skin.

products for your 20s

ABOVE: #1 UltraCalming cleanser 50ml; #2 Breakout clearing emergency spot fix 9ml; #3 Protection 50 Sport spf50 156ml.

Skin care in your 30s

  • Always use a hydrating primer. Not only is this the perfect base for makeup but Jane Iredale’s Smooth Affair primer will even out skin tone, minimize the appearance of pores and increase luminosity ($75). It’s a favourite product of everyone here at ATOB.
  • Exfoliate at night rather than in the morning. During the night the skin is in renewal mode and removing dead skin prior to bedtime enhances the effect of your serums and moisturises.
  • Apply a hydrating body cream with Alpha-Hydroxy Acids which gentle dissolve the ‘glue’ that holds dead skin cells on the surface without the need for physical exfoliation, like scrubbing, after each shower. If your skin is dry make sure you have a little water left on your skin from your shower to help the product. Try Dermalogica’s Hydrating Body cream ($69) it’s a perfect year round product.
  • Incorporate a serum in to your skin care regime. Try the Sodashi Rejuvenating Skin Boost ($109.30) This gel instantly firms and lifts the skin, helps repair sun damage, pigmentation and minimise fine lines and other signs of ageing. Yes it really is that amazing…
  • Try and take the time for you. Happiness works wonders for the skin.
  • Visit us here at A Touch of Beauty every 4-6 weeks for a professional skin treatment. We can customise our facials to what your skin needs. Make this a great skin care habit for your skin today and take some time out.

products for your 30s

ABOVE: #4 Smooth Affair Facial Primer and Brightener; #5 Body hydrating cream 473ml; #6 Rejuvenating Skin Boost 50ml

Skin care in your 40s

  • Your skin is changing. Our therapists are highly trained with the amazing, chemical free and natural mineral Jane Iredale makeup range. Jane Iredale nourishes your skin while you wear it. Embrace this change and let us help you chose some new colours. Book a 15min complimentary consultation and then get ready to have some colour fun!
  • Your cleanser is the first step of your anti-ageing regime. Use a cleanser that works and nourishes your skin rather than drying your skin out. Try Sodashi Clay Cleanser with Lavender ($80.70). This cleansing cream dissolves make-up and impurities whilst maintaining the delicate moisture balance of the skin, leaving the skin feeling moist and supple.
  • Avoid skincare and make up that contains chemicals, mineral oil, petrolatum ingredients. These chemicals act like glad wrap and do not allow the skin to respire, expel toxins or absorb any nutrients.
  • Invest in a nourishing night cream. In your 40s, collagen fibres stiffen, twist and break down, resulting in fine lines and eventually wrinkles. A rich topical cream, such as Sodashi’s Nourishing Repair Treatment ($130.70), is a highly regenerative face and neck moisturiser that assists to reduce signs of ageing and also treats sun damaged skin. It is rich in natural plant oils and plant essences and leaves the skin deeply nourished and radiant.
  • You don’t need to go under the knife! We hear so many of our clients feel the pressure in their 40s to have cosmetic surgery enhancements such as muscle relaxants and filler right through to acid peels that leave you unable to leave the house for days! There have been massive leaps in the last 10 years in the skin care industry and there are a plethora of non-invasive treatments available such as laser and rejuvenation that do not involve needles. At ATOB we are results driven and use high performance treatments that really work to make you feel fabulous.
  • IPL Skin rejuvenation (see our blog for more detail). IPL skin rejuvenation treatment can help you achieve amazing results on your skin. Perfect for every occasion and there is no recovery time involved ($130).
  • If you suffer from redness of the skin try the Sodashi Calming Skin Boost ($109.70) This cooling gel is instantly soothing & quickly absorbed to deliver a gentle and extremely effective blend of plant essences deep in to the skin to strengthen and increase the skins elasticity. This revolutionary product leaves the skin calm, clear and radiant.

products for your 40s

ABOVE: #7 Clay Cleanser with Lavender 200ml; #8 Nourishing Repair Treatment 50ml; #9 Calming Skin Boost 50ml

Skin care in your 50s+

  • Menopausal and pre-menopausal women typically find their skin is much more reactive than it used to be, so avoiding products that contain any harsh chemicals, artificial fragrance, sulphates, propylene glycol and triclosan. Products containing these ingredients also happen to frequently irritate dry, sensitive types of skin so avoiding products that contain these ingredients can help significantly. Try a Sodashi Calm facial to help mitigate these adverse effects ($120).
  • Remember to wear sunscreen every day and don’t forget your hands. Try Dermalogica multi-vitamin hand and nail treatment cream ($36.50) this sublime product infuses vitamins straight into the skin to nourish, renew and protect. Keep it in your hand bag to regularly apply after washing hands
  • Use a face mask weekly assist your home skin care regime. The Dermalogica multi-vitamin mask is a perfect skin pick-me-up ($70.00)
  • The Sodashi Samadara Eye cream ($280) is truly the crème de la cream of face products. Not only is Sodashi a natural and chemical free skin care range they are results driven to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Because our cycles are less regular at 50+ pre-menopausal and menopausal women can find that acne, caused by irregularity of hormone levels, appears seemingly out of nowhere. Speak to any of the highly trained therapist at ATOB and let us design the perfect treatment to address these skin concerns for you.

products for your 50s

ABOVE: #10 Multivitamin hand and nail treatment 75ml; #11 Multivitamin power recovery masque 75ml; #12 Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Eye Crème 15ml