Here comes the sun

That’s right, little darling, the tough Australian summer is upon us. It’s time to look at your daily skin regime to make sure it’s providing your largest organ (that’s your skin, in case you didn’t know!) with everything it needs to not only survive, but thrive in the warm weather.

It’s no insider secret that your skin takes a hit during the summer. Not only from the threat of UV rays that are the main contender for attacking our collagen but also from a build-up of oil, sweat and sometimes drying out through all that air-conditioning.

Here, our skin savvy founder Jo, takes a look at which summer products are going to best serve you this season.

Rule number 1: Protect, protect and protect some more

If there’s one cardinal sin, it’s not wearing sunscreen as a part of your everyday routine in Australia. But in summer, you really need to step that up a notch and make sure you reapply it during the day if you’re spending extra time outside or if you’ve been exercising or swimming. I love this Dermalogica product because it’s so gentle and calms the skin while giving the ultimate protection. I also love that it’s able to be mixed with your moisturiser or makeup, meaning you can cut down on steps and it’s easy to reapply during the day when you touch up your base. I think it makes sense to try to make sun care as pain-free as possible so you make sure it’s done right and often.

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Rule number 2: Cleanse and then cleanse again

This is for night time specifically, but you are building up quite a lot of oil, grime and dirt in dry South Australia during the summer days. Plus then you have your layers of makeup and sun protection etc. So you want to make sure all of that is gone so your skin can breathe to avoid congestion.
Begin with a gentle cleanser to remove all surface grime. Really allow yourself a minute to massage the cleansers in before rinsing.

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Then follow up with one with lactic acid to really break down anything remaining and remove those dead skin cells. You’ll notice the glow right away.

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Rule number 3: Slough it off

Once or twice a week, help your cleanser out and get rid of that build-up of dead cells but make sure you do it gently, so you don’t develop stressed and angry skin. This Dermalogica exfoliant contains all the good ingredients: lactic, salicylic and sulfur to make sure you have a clean skin slate but is non-abrasive and protects your dermis.

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Rule number 4: Hydrate? YES WE DO

It can sometimes be appealing to skip your moisturiser when it’s so warm you end up perspiring straight out of the shower but this is not a good thing to do. Your skin still needs hydration in the warmer months (did we mention that air-conditioning effect plus if you’re keeping up a cleansing routine, it’s important to lock the moisture into your skin again afterward), it just needs a different kind. So lighten up! I like this lightweight, oil-free option from Dermalogica because it stays put but is just enough.

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Rule number 5: Give yourself the gift of good Christmas skin

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