No One Else Above Her

It wouldn’t be Mother’s Day without a rush on our gift vouchers for what we call ‘A good old fashioned’: a facial or massage, of course. We’re yet to meet a Mum that didn’t delight in receiving one (or both!) of these treatments and we’re also yet to meet one that didn’t leave with a blissful smile on her face. Our job: done. The gift of relaxation never goes astray, especially for Mums. There
are so many beautiful options to choose from at A Touch Of Beauty and we’re guessing you know exactly what she likes.

Choose from the technologically-advanced treatments of Dermalogica that fix problems and encourage active skin improvements. Or maybe your Mum is more the type to savour a delicious Sodashi aromatic experience.

The added bonus with these treatments is that our therapists are able to advise on skincare routines after they have assessed and pampered Mum with the best products for her face during the treatment.

Skincare routines are typically built in our early days and change here and there but a lot of us stick with what we’re familiar with…even if it becomes a little outdated for your skin and its condition. Our skin’s needs change so regularly, with so many factors both physical and even psychological affecting the status quo that we quite often need to either completely change our skincare regime or maybe even just add or remove a little something. But it is a luxury to be doted upon in such a way and we believe those are the best kind of gifts: the ones you wouldn’t buy for yourself but that will reap dividends when it comes to how you feel about yourself for the foreseeable future. 

So with your Mum quite relaxed, we gently advise what we found in our assessment and what she can do to completely nourish and feed her skin.

Because… she’s special.

If you’re yet to grab a gift, we have a special for Mother’s Day 2019.

Buy a one hour facial and a half hour massage bundle for only $150, saving you $45 and making the treatment a whole body experience. Valid for purchase until 11.05.19

Most importantly, remember to give her a long hug this Mum’s Day: we have a sneaking suspicion that’s the gift she likes best.

Run, Don’t Walk

We couldn’t let the opportunity slip by to announce that we are now stocking a brand new Dermalogica product at A Touch Of Beauty – Prisma Protect SPF30. This light-activated moisturiser has become a staple of our whole team here upon its arrival. Not only are we crazy about our sunscreen – our lovely owner Jo, will take any opportunity to prophesise on the importance of wearing it every day and she has the skin to prove why, but this one has a whole lot of extra amazing packed into it.

The first thing you notice is the smooth application but after this, you notice the incredible sheen it gives your skin. It contains something known as drones, which are activated by the light to increase the luminous appearance of the skin and you notice a perfect satin but glowy finish. We are finding it very easy to go without makeup once this is applied and we’re also resting easy knowing it’s providing optimum hydration and free radical, pollution and sun protection.

We’d love you to try it, so please ask us about Prisma Protect when you’re next in salon and we’ll test it on your skin so you can see the results, too! Here’s to keeping your skin as healthy as possible.